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Welcome to my biggest and most life-changing obsession with MANIFESTING and THE LAW OF ATTRACTION!

Some of you may already know what I’m getting at here, but a lot of you probably think I’ve turned into some spiritual, meditating hippie!

Basically these concepts all come from a philosophical way of thinking in which everything you do and feel in life has a specific energy vibrating off of it.

The fundamental concept is that energies of similar frequencies vibrate at similar wavelengths, therefore if you want to achieve a certain level of success in life, you must give off that successful energy first.

You can truly realise your biggest ambitions, goals, and dreams by programming your mindset to thinking, doing and feeling like you already have it. 

“The simplest Law of Attraction definition can be given as it being a powerful universal law which states that you attract into your life the very essence of whatever it is that you focus upon, be it positive or negative. These thoughts reflect externally in your life.”

Law of Attraction Hub


Law of Attraction: The Science

I know at first, it sounds like some new-age, spiritual BS but actually it makes a lot of sense on a scientific level too. Check it out…

Sympathetic Resonance Diagram
Sympathetic Resonance and the Law of Attraction

If you are putting low, negative energy out into the world, you are gonna get exactly the same kind of energy back! And therefore if you decide to radiate positive, good vibes the world is going to reflect those feelings and opportunities straight back into your life!

Constructive Interference Diagram
Constructive Interference and the Law of Attraction

Here you can see exactly how when you begin living in this way it has a sort of ‘domino effect‘ in your life as combing more high, positive energies allow your leveling up journey to take off at an exponential rate. 

It also highlights the important of surrounding yourself with people who encourage you to grow and who you feel your best self around.

If that is still going over your head. You can evaluate all this using good old common sense…

Firstly, you surely agree on the fact that what people spend the majority of their time thinking about reflects back into their life pretty uniformly. For example, compare someone who always gets down about the daily grind and how depressing the daily news is to someone who is grateful for the simple job they have and, instead, focuses on opportunities to level up their life.

Who is more likely to achieve their goals?

High chance it’s gonna be that grateful person!


Or consider a basic friend group of average Joe’s who think becoming a millionaire, marrying the woman of their dreams and having a second home in the Med is for dreamers and are all totally unrealistic goals.

Compared to a less common friend group of ambitious dreamers who are always discussing the latest awesome travel destinations they have added to their bucket list, the ambitious side business they’re thinking of starting, and the tricky French classes they are taking because they have always dreamed of marrying a French woman.

Again, ask yourself which friend group is more likely to produce a super successful individual that radiates positive energy and overall happiness in life? … I’m putting my bets on the latter group!

In both theses examples the successful people are those already living and acting as if they are successful and it’s just a matter of time and effort before they can get something like their dream car or Summer home. The VIBES and FEELINGS they are giving off match those of people who already achieved it.

Which is why it’s so important to:

1. Always focus on the GOOD things in life, as whatever we constantly focus on in our minds will manifest into our life sooner or later.

2. Try to give off positive and trusting energy as much as possible in your daily life, especially in your human interactions. As the energy you put out will always come back to you like a magnet.

3. Don’t doubt yourself or the dreams you have. Know that you are exactly where you need to be right now and enjoy what you have today as it’s all part of your journey.

To be honest there’s really so much to say about this whole way of thinking and it seems to be becoming more and more popular as people are noticing the benefits. The proof and success stories are shared across the internet and written about in books – many people are describing it as some kind of hidden secret or cheat code in life!

All I can say is that since I started practicing and living in this way I truly am the happiest I’ve been in a LONG time (4 years to be exact). I feel great and thankful on a daily basis, even while I am still living my simple, no-frills life I know that there is so much ahead for me and I must enjoy the little things every day as it’s all part of the process and will be changing before I know it! 

Hence my reason for devoting a part of my blog to this topic and all the techniques, motivation, ideas, plans, success stories and other high vibrational stuff that will get your vibes on this awesome level the happier percent are living! 💖

Check out my first post on this topic (much more to come!) where you can literally get started right now with as little as your own imagination!

That fact that you even read this whole article right now means you have already made a step in the right direction towards living a more rewarding, fulfilling life. It’s now about where you go and how you act after reading this article that will either bring you closer to your dreams or one step back in the direction you came. 

Comment “It’s on it’s way!” to affirm what you are manifesting! And let me know how long you have been thinking in this way, or if you are just starting out on your journey!


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