...Did someone say Freelance ESL Content Writer?

Robyn Kinghorn hiding behind laptop

Well Hello there! I'm Robyn Kinghorn.

Robyn Kinghorn Freelance Writer & Blogger

And besides daydreaming about my next move abroad and pondering my purpose in life…

…I create awesome web content for the ESL & Travel Industry.

Let me guess...

🧐 You lack the time or effort required for writing great, customer-converting content on your website?

🧐 You’re finding it difficult to acquire original content for your website written by a specialist in your niche with real-world, relevant experience? 

🧐 You don’t want regurgitated and rephrased rubbish taken from other articles. Rather fresh, engaging content that attracts customers and creates meaningful conversation.

Look no further because the stars have aligned and you are in exactly the right place!

Robyn Kinghorn Freelance Writer

I specialise in ESL and Travel writing for businesses, based on my own ample, past, and ongoing experiences combined with some good old-fashioned research.

This is going to level up your business by:

⭐ Attracting more potential customers and getting loads more leads!

⭐ Gaining more of an online presence with shareable content for all the social media platforms. 

⭐ Building awareness and trust with your customer in this increasingly more internationalised, online world!

Ready to get started?

Oh my gosh, did I mention my real-world, first-hand experiences?!

My ‘life-so-far’ itinerary starts straight after high school when  I decided to get out of the bubble of my hometown to experience the world outside of my comfort zone.

Since then I have lived, worked and studied in 5 countries across the world, including things like:

🌎 Teaching English abroad in Japan and Poland (random choices I know)

🌎 Studying abroad in Austria

🌎 Moving across the world with my family to New Zealand

🌎 Au-pairing and language exchanges in Germany

So be prepared for infinite post ideas!

In other news, I’m obsessed with the ‘Law of Attraction’ and ‘Manifesting’ as it has had such a great impact on my own life. From mindset to motivation, I love writing about self-development as it can be applied to people in all industries, from all walks of life.

Graphic showing my journey studying, working and teaching abroad from 2013 to 2021
Robyn Kinghorn in business attire

And of course, on a professional level:

🌐 I’m currently a brand ambassador for The Tefl Academy (TTA) where I write blog posts for their website.

🌐 I curated my own personal lifestyle blog from scratch which is built around 4 pillars: Travel, ESL, Career and Self-Development.

🌐 My current language school, Speed School of English uses my ESL posts in their own content strategy for their Facebook page.

Robyn Kinghorn in business attire

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Ready To get started?

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Hi! I'm Robyn, a Scottish girl who has been embracing and enjoying life abroad since 2014 through work, study and volunteering opportunities!